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Embark on your research journey with ‘', a unit of Aristocrat IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. We have been serving more than 25000+ Ph.D. Scholars since, 2008. We are experts in providing Scientific Writing & Editing Services to help you build your technical knowledge in the Research process, a one-stop solution for all your scientific research needs. We help you to rediscover, build and understand your technical knowledge in Research Process, Publication Process and impart knowledge through different research training.

‘’ specializes in creating and delivering research-oriented assignments, varied in nature with an assurance of on-time delivery and content-free from plagiarism. We provide, global Academic and Ph.D. Research Writing pedagogy.

We have a team of doctorates, who are experts in the different research field. Their involvement in your research will result in your success towards earning your doctorate degree. We work transparently. Every work we deliver will be unique and free of plagiarism. We do different levels of micromanagement to monitor the work of every writer. You will experience a one-on-one experience with our experts working for you.

If you are looking for publication pedagogy, Research paper writing pedagogy, Thesis writing pedagogy, Research / Project implementation pedagogy or any other works related to your research, is the right destination.

What We Serve

1) Ph.D. registration guidance
2) We Provide External Pedagogy for Research Scholars
3) Career Guidance for PhDs and PDFs.

Get the best out of your writing with our experts to ensure your documents to meet the highest standards with the perfect format, flawless language, and precise reference. Our scientific editing services are designed to promote researchers work effectively. We are working to help people by accelerating the global scientific research communication and also to expedite the publishing process for high-quality research.

Our editing system will match every assignment in the same field, and if you need to do your tasks with the editor whom you think is your favorite, then our first preference for your assignment will be your favorite editor.

In research paper or journal manuscripts we assure that you will have guaranteed and accurate editing in editing proofreading. For reputed journals, we provide you 100% consistent format and the writing style for publication. We assure that our scientific editing and writing services what we offer to our clients will not get rejected for any issues such as formatting, writing style, and grammar mistakes.

If you need to do any minor revisions, without any charges, we will make re-editing for your manuscript. Additionally, we do a plagiarism check and removing those errors for free. Our editors have lots of experience in editing journals for publication. Our Scientific editing service will increase the credibility of your journal to get published as a reputed journal.

You can be confident because we will never show your journal to any journal editors, it will be 100% confidential. Our editors worked for a highly selective journal. According to the prescribed guidelines, your document will be formatted and edited.

List of services that we offer are:

English Editing

Our editing will get started only after the clear understanding of content and its purpose of your research. After editing your document, we will go for review to ensure that there is no more issues exist and we will check whether it meets all your instructions or not.
We achieve quality Editing Services with the following process

1) Our editing will have a sophisticated editing system for English editing which matches every assignment.
2) If there is any page limit or word limit, our editors will help you to reduce if it exceeds the threshold.
3) Our senior editors will go through once to ensure that it meets all your instructions and whether it is error free.
4) You will have your finished assignment on time.
5) Even after the completion of editing, you can ask doubts regarding edits made and no charge for clearing your doubts.
6) After all the process gets over, we go for multiple-round editing to ensure high quality.

To make your work easy with high quality we offer you some excellent services which are listed below

  • Manuscript Editing
  • Scientific Editing
  • Thesis Editing
  • Book Editing
  • Proofreading
  • Post-Editing Services
  • Publication Support

    As you are PhD students / researchers / postdoctoral researchers time is an essential factor, and for publication, it will take lots of days, weeks, months or even years. So, make use of our experts for publication.

    Make use of our service benefits where we have various publication support services

  • Journal Selection
  • Rapid Technical Review
  • Artwork Preparation
  • Journal Submission
  • Resubmission Support
  • Plagiarism Check
  • Writing & Rewriting

    We have a team of experts with subject knowledge and precise writing and editing services to convey your ideas accurately.
    We do writing services for the subjects such as Social Sciences, Engineering, Medicine, Physical and Biological Sciences, Economics, Law, Management, Humanities, Business, Computer Science, and Mathematics. Our writing will develop your ideas and thoughts in research which is trustworthy. Our editing and writing service will improve all your professional and corporate documents.

    Our editors are experts in writing and rewriting the manuscript among various types such as

  • Medical Writing
  • Scientific Writing
  • Technical Writing
  • Rewriting
  • Essay Editing
  • Synopsis Writing
  • Research Topic Selection
  • Implementation Support

    Our team of editors will guide you until your completion of assignments. We help you to have error-free documents avoiding rejection of your manuscript and also to determine the suitable journal, our experts will work with you and assist you before submission, and they are ready to support you wherever necessary. Our complete guidance is your complete success for publication.

    We are here with the below listing to help for your successful publication.

  • Statistical Analysis
  • Java Implementation
  • MATLAB Implementation
  • NS2/ NS3 Implementation
  • Questionnaire Design
  • Illustration Service

    When you need to do publication, you should have unique visuals in your document such as graphs, images, diagrams, illustrations and others which need to be most impressed with your written research. If it is similar to other existing documents then for sure, your paper will get rejected. To achieve this our team of experts will create unique visuals for your document with aesthetic value.

    Get easy access to our following services to make you stand alone from all others.

  • Medical Illustration
  • Technical Illustration
  • Technical Illustration
  • Scientific Illustration
  • Graphics, Charts & Tables Illustration
  • Other Services

    With all our editors you can have your project before the deadline with clear insights, and we do services to explain precisely about your key ideas and findings in your research. All of our services will offer excellent customer service. We provide you the robust manuscript avoiding errors.

    The right time to decide on what type of service you need with the following

  • Statistical Analysis
  • Citation Booster
  • Video Abstracts
  • Poster Preparation
  • Grant Writing
  • Literature Search
  • Statistical Review
  • Experimental Design
  • Why Choose Us

    ‘Your Privacy is our Priority’
    We give priority to your privacy. We ensure 100% Confidentiality. Your personal data, payment information, and other details will ever be divulged to a third party.

    Plagiarism Free Content

    Every paper we deliver will be unique and free of plagiarism. We monitor work of every writer to make sure with fresh contents and to deliver the final product that satisfies your exact requirement.

    On-Time Delivery

    Forget about ‘missing your deadline’ for submitting the paper/thesis. No late submissions happen with our writing pedagogy.

    Passionate Researchers

    We have a team of PhD holders who knows well the way to earn PhD. Their involvement on your research will result in your success towards earning your doctorate.

    Subject Matter Experts

    You can have constant contact with your writer to avoid misunderstandings. We work on one to one basis with every patron to offer you a personal and individual PhD experience.

    Our Unique Approach

    Our team of experts in various subjects will help you touch your destination in PhD. Your work will be assigned to the appropriate writer who is qualified in the particular field of subject.

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